My Jerusalem

In ancient city long ago
There was a prophet on the go
Pacing left and right 
Watching hora filled with light

The days of pain were long but gone
The prophesy was sealed and done
Preparing howling at the time
When fortress was the size of dime

Word for word in songs he laid
Prepare the road without raid
The prince shall come, the lion king
Before the people bought with ring

Each letter filled with ancient power
To breathe alive and only hover  
Along the banks of loyal people 
Hidden in the rising fiddle

Each letter stood right and left
Removing pain of love’s theft
They gathered one by the other
Revealed the name to wolf the father 

Bitter sweet the news arrived
Another son, they said and cried
In utter ancient disbelief
The face of man was full of grief

Seeing the darkness come alive
Stroke fear and illness deep in five
He cried out loud and said the name
Written in seal to bring the fame

“Not a son, but a lovely daughter”
Is born to fearful young father.
“Her name is light and soon about
Will follow her the second scout”

“A son you say, I disagree
 I saw a daughter than one more
Appear before my love and I 
To rise above a peaceful eye

Before the wolves, dancing in joy
Are daughters of the prophet boy
Singing the song of our salvation
Fulfilling words for a mighty nation

The lions follow right behind
A peace restored as staffs are bound 
Revealing truth of ancient power
To raise a king on a high tower

Victorious in charm and honor
The lion enters full of honor
To praise Hashem 
And take the stand 

Behind are daughters of Benjamin
Carry the tribes in dance and tune
Wolves bow before the mighty king
As lions shine like a precious ring 

Showing the light to all the tribes 
And raising banner over brides 
Clothed in beauty of a mind
Shielded and how perfect kind 

Turning pages and taking hold
With might and blessings of tenfold
The book is folding to the end
As we gather and ascend.

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