Lana’s Rose Garden

Nowadays, I find little things in my life to be fine things in life whether it’s a fresh cup of coffee after lunch, spa-like showers post-morning workouts, morning 10-20 minute walks at the beach or simply finding joy in activities that I enjoy to do. 

One of these fine mornings, I walked to the beach before heading straight to work, and I found myself to be filled with absolute desire to stay at the beach. It got me thinking, if I did not have work, then I would be able to spend my time at the beach. So I sat for a few minutes to take in the air of the ocean breeze and observe everyone and everything at the beach. A few minutes later, I got up and started walking towards my car still with a thought that if I didn’t have to go to work, then I would be able to spend my time at the beach. The truth is I really like my current job, and it was not difficult to say good bye to the beach. So I continued on with my morning routine. 

After parking my car near my work, I decided to ask My Instagram followers what they would do with their time if they didn’t have to go to work every day. I received many interesting responses from family and friends and was amazed how thoughtful each were. What really shocked me is that, all of the answers were very simple and absolutely achievable: for example, “sleep”, “travel” and “gardening”. There were also responses from people who already have the time and do what they love without having an every day work obligations. 

I thought a lot about everyone’s response and asked myself the same question since my desire to spend time at the beach was a mere momentary desire in the morning.

All day, I thought long and hard. Then next day, I thought the same by retrieving my inner desires and rediscovering my abandoned projects. At the core of my inner world, I found a deep desire that I have always dreamed of accomplishing one day. 

A rose garden. I want to build my own rose garden situated in the property of my own future home. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child as I was greatly influenced by my mother’s and paternal grandmother’s love for roses and flowers. 

My garden would have all kinds of roses with beautiful aromas filling the property and reaching  the window of my bedroom from where I would go to sleep to the smell of the roses and wake up in the morning to breathing fresh air that carries the majestic aroma of my rose garden. 

This is a goal for my future, but for now, if I had an extra day in the week, I would get a small gardening space at the Santa Monica Community Garden and grow flowers pleasant to my eyes and my soul.

Lana’s rose garden where tranquility lives and calamity has no place, where hope appears in the shades of the pedals and disdain runs away, where faith enters the hearts of people via the aroma released by each individual rose bush and doubt is completely extinguished, where love dwells and indifference is absent, where joy is found in the beauty of roses among the thorns and sadness hides in the shadows, where comfort is located at the stool in the middle of the garden and grief does not exist on garden’s premises, where universe reaches the depths of one’s mind and evil is left at the gates.


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