Getting to Santa Monica

Three years ago on July 4th, my sister and I were walking on Main Street in Santa Monica when we came across a painting with writing on the wall that read “Anything Can Happen. Anything Can Be.”

I immediately asked myself, “is me living in Santa Monica possible?” I had no idea since at the time I lived in Bay Area and was doing fine in my life. The only issue was that it was not somewhere in Southern California as I wanted. Would I be able to leave my life and move? It was an annoying question that lingered on my mind, and I set it aside.

Today marks exactly one year since I moved to Santa Monica. I cannot believe how fast time went by and how much my life has changed during these twelve months. With determination, I have accomplished more goals on my ever-growing list than during my entire twenties so far. My heart is overfilled with joy and humble with gratitude that I have this wonderful opportunity in my life to live the life that I want in absolute freedom. 

And to think, my desire to live in Santa Monica was set in motion a little over a year ago when my sister, our mutual friend and I were having a brunch together. After a great discussion, we ended up planning a short memorial weekend trip to Half Moon Bay where my sister and I spent a lot of our weekends hiking on the coast. We decided to stay overnight at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton and relax as much as we could.

As soon as we arrived and settled, I immediately felt that something was stirring inside of me as we each took a glass of Rosé that the hotel staff offered us. We spent some time at the spa and rejuvenated our tired bodies. It felt amazing to slow down and to take care of our auras. Later, we treated ourselves to a calming chamomile tea. In the evening, we dined together and our meals were exquisite. I did not have even one complaint which was extraordinary for me. What really turned my world upside down in a good way was when we went for a walk in the late evening.

When we set our time to go on a walk, I experienced a great release of burden off of my neck and was looking forward to a beautiful walk under the moon. That evening there was a full moon starring at us from the sky. Our shadows where walking in front of us as we walked and contemplated where we want to be in the future. I listened to everyone and especially my heart and my mind. That night, I decided that it was time to move. I had already resigned from my job at the time and was finishing up another week, so this was a perfect time to truly reflect and come up with the best strategy that would assist me in achieving my goals. And what a perfect walk it was. My eyes were dazzled at the nature which offered a perfect skyline with the moon and stars. At the same time, my eyes found a perfect horizon when I stared from the cliffs until the separation of ocean and the sky appeared in the dark, becoming clear and etched on my mind.

Now that I am reflecting, I am in absolute awe how beautiful that night was and how everything changed when I decided that it was the time. As with any changes, there are ups and downs. Along the way, there are many new things that we have to learn about ourselves. I learned that I should never take my time here on earth for granted. The time is now at this moment, not tomorrow or one day. Knowing what to bring along and what to leave behind begins earlier and when the time comes, we merely put those thoughts into motion. Everything else flows like a river into its place. Every puzzle when put together reveals the entire motive. 

I am filled with gratitude and love that universe decided to side with my thoughts and desires for “when [I] want something, the whole universe conspires to help [me] get it” (The Alchemist). With these thoughts on my mind, I am ready to continue on my life’s journey as I began my second year in Santa Monica..

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