Boats and Angels

On the marina near home
They hugged inside a hidden dome
Tears flowing from her eyes
She let him walk and start to rise

Let’s watch the love unfold again
To live the life without vain
The steps of glory wrapped around
The couple found a common ground

Each soul connected from inside
Deeply rooted like a guide
To find the love of heaven’s peace
Secret’s out from such release

When angels came about
A storm performed to them out loud 
Let every human know a place
Where lovers turn to Heaven’s face

Answer came in thunder’s sound
In lightening light was firstly found
Beauty of a lovely union
Inside a nest of their reunion

Sun is out, there is a way
Near the happy joyful bay
Where angels found a clue 
To bind in ribbon blue

Together working step by step 
Each achieved the council’s prep
The sky is clear and bright tonight
Let’s end the pointless silent fight


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