The Lost Soul

Another day is coming to an end
This afternoon it couldn’t even bend
The grass is soft and green
Better than before I’ve seen
I’m talking to the tree
He said it would be free
Your turn to help me stand
The “soul” you named that band
One that gradually faded into my broken dreams
Through that valley of loud screams
The one that was from above
And capable to love
You have died and buried deep inside
No sign of you is left in the world outside
Gone with the dreams of your childhood
Where you firmly stood
You thought it was forever gone
When it actually just turned on
Now, I ask you to forgive
Forgive not me but yourself….

My 2006 thoughts hidden inside a poem. I cannot believe I’ve kept some of my writings from that time. I was only sixteen years old and summer was the only time I had free time for myself. I had pent most of that time reading Tehilim, and one day I wrote this poem.

The ladybug photo is from the time when I wanted to quit college during my junior year. Instead of quitting, I took a semester of fun classes which included a photography class and a bible class. I am so grateful for not quitting and for taking that time to take classes I was passionate about.

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