Someone Has

December 7, 2019

Someone has 
Watched over me all of my life 
Carried me on its wings to a place I longed
Appeared in my dreams assuring the same 
Helped in the hour of my need

Someone has
Shown mercy to me in the times of trouble
Thought forgiveness over revenge
Strengthened my will to carry the way
Spoke of the ways long known to me

Someone has
Protected my life time and time again
Brought my parents from ashes to grace over and over again 
Loved me from beginning of my days 
Showed me wonderful and mysterious times

Someone has
Held my hand through the pain
Healed my wounds inflicted by pouring rain 
Gave me all the things that I need
Stopped the terror of many days

Someone has
Accepted my ultimate plead
Entered on my behalf 
Spoke to the counsel of our G-d
Pleaded relentlessly for my life

Someone has
Sought inside of my heart and 
Found a well inside of my soul 
Lifted my spirit up again
Gifted me all that I have today 

Someone has
Dreamt for the light that I am
Spoke the truth and only the truth
Promised me everything that I have
Bowed before my king who is to come

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