When You are Brave – We are Brave

When you were a child
You were brave to take a first step
Your family smiled as you learned to speak

When you were only ten
You were brave to fight your illness with G-d alone
Your family was not with you

When you were fifteen
You were brave to go to school
You were the only one to work so hard

When you were sixteen
You were brave to meet my dad
Your future husband you found by heart

When you were in your youthful prime
You were brave to come back home
Your help was needed at the clinic near the dome

When you were approached by other boys
You were brave to say no
Your mind did not know what future holds

When you were close to that September
You were brave to accept your future husband’s offer
Your destiny lay before you in all its difficulty

When you carried your firstborn
You were brave to trust alone
Your husband’s praise was there with you

When you were ready 
You were brave to accept me as your daughter
Your path was intertwined with mine

When you were giving me options as a child
You were brave to wait that I would choose what’s in your heart because
Your blood flows in my blood

When you held your mother-in-law’s hand in her last moment
You were brave to comfort her during her last breath
Your heart understood the chaos that will come when the matriarch is gone

When you accepted every one of us as your children
You were brave even though it was difficult
Your faith was in your G-d that He will deliver from all of the troubles

When you had enough and called Washington DC
You were brave to speak on your families behalf
Your eyes envisioned a different future for all of us

When you sacrificed yourself for others
You were brave letting the wings of your G-d carry you
Your children and my dad, your husband, were near you

When you always stood by my dad
You were brave to look into the future and see something more
Your children always took your side

When you made all of those choices
You were brave and you have a loyal husband
Your daughters have an example of a man

Be brave
For your children
Be brave
For yourself
Be brave 
For the future
Be brave until the end
Your crown is for you alone

When you are brave, we are brave..

From a beautiful ride with unforgettable views

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