Conniving and Deceitful Person – a Nightmare

A conniving person shows up in your life like a nightmare in a sweet restful dream at night as if the forces of darkness all conspired against the soul of a pious individual. This deceitful person manipulates everyone and everything and nobody is immune to their manipulative influence. It’s as if the sole purpose of such a strange person is to destroy you and yours by breaking your guard down piece by piece equivalent to how Romans destroyed the second temple one stone at a time. The look from a deceitful person, hypnotizes even the most sacred of souls around you. A conniving person’s touch destroys everything that which is pure. Be this deceitful person a male or a female, his or her every presence is like poisoned air due to a weapon of destruction. In the front there is sun, and behind a burning fire. Who can withstand such a force? It destroys families and relationships. It shakes the foundations of every faith. Hope lingers like a cloth on top of a burnt roof after the village has burnt down. But the person who gathers the last bit of will and draws his or her strength from G-d can turn it all into a paradise. Guardians of life are always there to assist no matter what. And in the end, if G-d is for you, who can withstand against you?

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