When I was in high school, my dream was to go to a university in New York and become a journalist. My dreams appeared to be galaxies away in the years preceding the 2008 recession, and I decided that my writing career should begin in legal services as the anticipating writer needs were projected to be in the legal services field. So, I stayed home in Sacramento and went to California State University of Sacramento.

Since graduating university, most of my career experiences have been in the legal services in government, technology and financial industries. Through these experiences, I have strengthened my technical writing skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills that are absolutely necessary in the 21st century.

I enjoy writing about life and what moves us by questioning my moral and ethical foundation and finding answers to my questions through reading and research. At the core of my moral and ethical foundation lay love strengthened by the structure made out of forgiveness. Love of my parents towards each other and me and forgiveness of everyone on a day-to-day basis without which love would be a desolate ruin such as found at the sites of ancient cities.

I believe that writing is not meant to be stored in the shelves for art purposes because writing is not just an art. Writing is a breath of the heart that is meant to guide and to direct readers in a certain direction. Through my writing, I hope to bring more light and kindness into the world that should one day my reader find themselves in a demise, they can refer back to my writing as a guide to overcome any difficulties thrown at them.